5 Reasons You Should Never Settle

Are you happy?

James Michael Sama

As I sit here to write this article, I’m in our hotel room overlooking the beach. The waves sound so close you feel like you can put your hand out the window and touch them. My girlfriend is making coffee. Her tanned skin is accentuated even further by the stark white walls. The rays of sun are coming through the blinds signaling a new day has begun. Michael Bublé is permeating the room from my laptop speakers.

Next to me on the table is this month’s copy of Esquire, the cover of which is beckoning us with «84 Things A Man Should Do Before He Dies.» And I sit here thinking to myself – no matter how many failures I face or how hard life becomes, I refuse to settle.

You can settle for less than you deserve in many areas of life. A job you can’t stand going to…

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Pure Pleasure

Lately I’ve been thinking about lots of things. But the word «love» is always fucking around. Have you wondered what it really means? Is it real or do you just imagine it all? Or well, maybe both.

Have you felt like you love someone that it hurts? Damn, it does hurt. But I don’t mean it the wrong way. What I’m trying to say is that you can love the idea of someone, or you can actually love who they really are.

Hey, love, you’re strange, weird and make me want to puke sometimes. Why are you so complicated? Why can’t you be easier?

Let me tell you why. This whole thing that we basically call «love» is something we will probably never be able to explain, because it’s simple: it can’t be explained, it has NO explanation. It’s what I call Pure Pleasure. When you are in love, you see the world totally different. Yes, you do.


As girls, we like to get attention and to wake up with a cute morning text. We do. I do. But wait… what if it just disappears? That is one of the things that definitely scares me more.


I think the only way you can find out is… to have the feeling. You have to be careful that the person that you fall in love with is worth it to you.

10 Myths About Writers and Writing

«Writers are strange»

P.A. Moed

In order to write creatively, we need to exercise our free-spirited and impulsive right brain.  It might take a while to «liberate» this side of the brain especially if we have worked in fields that are linear, concrete, and require rationale thought.  This is what happened to me many years ago when I switched from a career in teaching and publishing to full-time writing.   As I began my apprenticeship in the creative arts,  I had to dispel several myths about the writing process and writers.

"Incognito: The Hidden Self-Portrait" by Rachel Perry Welty, DeCordova Museum. «Lost in My Life (Price Tags) » by Rachel Perry Welty, DeCordova Museum.

1.  Myth: Writers Are Strange.

There is an element of truth to this!  Writers (and other creative people) must be willing to look below the surface of everyday life and explore the world and relationships like a curious outsider.  This perspective sets us apart, but at the same time, it allows us…

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